SFEMF 2003

The 4th Annual
San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

July 23-27, 2003
SomArts Cultural Center

wednesday july 23, 2003, 8pm

Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet
Dan Joseph Mountain Music
Kristin Miltner video & electronic music (w/ Mark Bartscher)
David Wessel Singularities

thursday july 24, 2003, 8pm
(an evening curated by 23 Five Inc.)

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Irr. App (Ext.)
Jim Haynes A Study in Narcolepsy

friday july 25, 2003, 8pm

Kitundu works for “Phonoharps”
bran(…)pos “bukkake clown” performance for synthesizers, mouth, and face
Disc (J. Lessor & Kid 606)
O.blaat Art of Disappearance

saturday july 26, 2003, 8pm

Stephen Vitiello live sounds generated via modulated feedback and light sources.
Sean Rooney Slots and Pile Driver
Elise Kermani mixed-media works for video, voice, electronic sound
SPL (Slusser, Patterson, Looney) electronic improvisation

sunday july 27, 2003, 7pm

The New San Francisco Tape Music Center
(performing fixed media works on a 16 speaker diffusion system)

Adrian Moore (Sheffield) - Superstrings [1999, 12m]
Cliff Caruthers (Oakland) - Resist* [2003, 14m]
Joseph Anderson (Oakland) - Mpingo* [2003, 23m]
Christian Marclay (NYC) - Black Stucco [1986, 3m]
Thom Blum (SF) - nomen plaid* [2003, 8m]
Tony Schwartz (NYC) - Standing Here at the Present Time… A Sound Portrait of New York [1964, 8m]
Elainie Lillios (Bowling Green) - Dreams in the Desert [2001, 11m]
Aaron Ximm (Quiet American) (SF) - What the Thunder Said* [2003, 13m]
Karlheinz Stockhausen (KŸrten) - Gesang der JŸnglinge [1956, 4-channel version, 13m]
Matt Ingalls (Oakland) - f(Ear) [2003, 10m]
Kent Jolly (Richmond) - Bellbox* [2003, 10m]
Iannis Xenakis (Paris) - Pour La Paix [1982, 27m]

( * = premiere )