Collin McKelvey

Collin McKelvey is a San Francisco-based multimedia artist working primarily in time-based media. Utilizing found sound, field recording, digital processing and synthesis, McKelvey creates multi-layered compositions that are both familiar and hard to place. Known variously for projects such as IN/S, Orbless, Liminal Planes, GAZE, Cellblock and Ex Pets, McKelvey has also been collaborating with Italian sound artist Attilio Novellino since 2013 to create a suite of compositions, to be co-released by Bay Area stalwarts Weird Ear Records and the Italian Kohlhass Records. McKelvey has shown work at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Southern Exposure, Kala, Royal Nonesuch Gallery, ATA, The Luggage Store, Adobe Books, Human Resources, The Lab, Guerrero Gallery, the Berkeley Art Museum, The Geffen Center at MOCA and other artist spaces throughout the United States.