JD Emmanuel

JD Emmanuel is an electronic minimal pioneer who researches the relationship between music and the mind. He is perhaps best known for his seminal album Wizards (1982), one of the most acclaimed private press electronic music albums of all time, recently reissued on LP by Important Records (2010). His works, including the recent retrospective Solid Dawn (2009), often create a dreamy musical journey through floating abstract synthscapes, hypnotic loops and multi-textured atmospheres punctuated by minimal pulses. As a student of the metaphysical nature of the Universe, his whole music catalog is “Electronic Meditation” building on mass meditation and mantric spiritual vehicles. He is actively performing and touring again after a 25 years, including a 9-day European tour for KRAAK Concerts in May, 2011, and hasn’t missed a step. You may learn mjore about his music at jdemmanuel.com.