Rova Electric 6 with Gino Robair & Tom Djll

Rova Electric 6, the collaboration between Rova Saxophone Quartet and Unpopular Electronics (Gino Robair and Tom Djll) began when the groups shared a reverberant room at the 2019 Chapel of the Chimes summer solstice concert. Code-named Popular Tectonics, the sextet explores the liminal space between synthesizer tones and saxophone timbres—the reed instruments working with and against electronic amplification—to exploit the resonant characteristics of acoustic environments. Rova—Bruce Ackley (soprano sax), Steve Adams (alto sax) Larry Ochs (tenor sax) and Jon Raskin (baritone sax)—has released over forty albums and collaborated with a range of internationally renowned artists—Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, John Zorn and Terry Riley, to name a few. The ensemble celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2023. Gino Robair and Tom Djll are also members of Tender Buttons, a trio with pianist Tania Chen.