SFEMF 2000

May 5, 6, 7, 2000

CELLSPACE, 2050 Bryant St.
San Francisco

The first annual SAN FRANCISCO ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL is co-presented by The Lab, Cell and New Genre Works, with support from the Zellerbach Family Fund and Amoeba Music.

The event, which is designed to raise the local, national and international profile of the Bay Area as an important center for new electronic music and sound art, will feature three nights of performances, audio installations and panel discussions showcasing the work of many of the area’s most prominent electronic sound artists. Special featured guests: Alvin Curran, Paul DeMarinis and Kenneth Atchley.


Installations on display in the Crucible Steel Gallery Friday thru Sunday:

Paul DeMarinis -Still Life with Guitars
Ed Osborn - recoil
sponge - Sauna #1
Friday May 5

doors open 8:30/ concert 9:00

Chris Salter discusses sponge’s installation Sauna #1
Miya Masoaka - Bee Project #6
Dan Joseph -Got Guns
Carl Stone - Flint’s (version 1)
Alvin Curran - Endangered Species

Saturday May 6

Panel discussion at 7:30 moderated by Elisabeth Beaird of the Lab
doors open 8:30/ concert 9:00

Ed Osborn discusses his installation Recoil
Pamela Z - excerpts from Gaijin
Steev Hise - Familiar/Signifier #2 and Syntagm Engine Beta Test
Pamela Z and Dan Joseph - Duo for Voice, Bodysynth™ and Hammer Dulcimer
Carl Stone - Flint’s (version 2)

Sunday May 7

doors open 7:30/ concert 8:00

Paul DeMarinis discusses his installation Still Life with Guitars
Kenneth Atchley - recast
Donald Swearingen - The Elements and Living off the List
Laetitia Sonami - Conversation with a Lightbulb
sensorChip - Trio
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