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$25 “Tweeter” Thank you
$50 “Midranger” Recognition in program & online.
$100 “Woofer” Above plus SFEMF Festival Compilation CD
$500 “Sub Woofer” Above plus SFEMF Festival Pass
$1000 plus ”Full-Ranger” Above plus lifetime SFEMF membership


Download the SFEMF Membership Form (PDF - 132kb)
and please send this form with your check to:

Circuit Network (attn SFEMF)
499 Alabama Street, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94110

If you’d like your donation to be Tax Deductible, please make your check payable to our fiscal sponsor “Circuit Network ” and write “SFEMF” in the memo area.

Our Supporters

Full Rangers ($1,000 and up)

Susan Dickey
Tom Duff

Subwoofers ($500-$999)

Anne Hege
Amy X Neuburg
Judy West

Woofers ($100-$499)

Elisabeth Beaird in memory of Peggy Dorfman
Elena-Maria Bey
Amanda Chaudhary
Mike Cox
Matt Davignon
Patti Noel Deuter
Sam Genovese
Chris Komater
Lisa Patterson
Richard Pinegar
Beau Takahara
Pamela Z

Mid-Rangers ($50-$99)

Thea Farhadian
Brenda Hutchinson & Norman Tuck
Miya Masaoka
Lily Taylor
Jen Whitley

Tweeters (up to $49)

Johanna Derbolowsky
David Hyry
Richard Marriott
Maryjean Shaffer
Tahir-Shoresh Zira