Julia Mazawa

Julia Mazawa is an artist in Oakland whose work consists of drawings, wall sculpture, and improv electronic noise. She began doodling, sewing, and sculpting when her hands developed sufficient dexterity as a child. In 2002 she earned a BA in Studio Arts from Bard College. In 2010 she began experimenting with audio. looping samples and creating raga-like meditations from the resulting rhythms. Currently, Julia is interested in themes of survival: how do the myriad creatures of the universe each navigate space and time to live another day, and why do they bother? There are countless variations, but none escape the rule that what goes up must come down. Activity requires rest, which requires activity, which requires rest. When Julia builds intricate sculptures and drawings, her mind is sprinting at full tilt. When she sits down to record a noise piece, her mind takes the most luxurious of cat naps.

photo: Theresa Currie