re:VOLT is a Los Angeles-based electronic music quartet of like-minded half-crazy avant-garde synthesists/composers/producers who fell down the same sonic rabbit hole. Separately they have had lifelong careers infusing experimental music into the collective cultural zeitgeist by scoring feature films and countless television commercials and video games, winning international music festivals, being featured in the Patch CV documentary and multitudes of electro-acoustic/multimedia performances – including selling out the REDCAT Theater — winning Cleos, serving on the board of SEAMUS, and being awarded a RIAA Gold Record for electronic sound design for the progressive metal band Tool.

Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder
Part 1: in four movements
Part 2: in three movements

Performed by Jill Fraser, Shiro Fujioka, Peter Grenader and Thomas Klepper, aka re:VOLT.

An adaptation of Morton Subotnick’s seminal 1971 electronic work Sidewinder has been on the radar of Jill Fraser and Peter Grenader – both CalArts alumni who worked with Subotnick, for years. The process began with an abridged orchestration where the quartet was encouraged to both replicate his soundscapes and develop more interpretative timbres for the individual parts. With that, two general rules apply:

  1. Following the original gestalts using more interpretive timbres.

  2. Mirroring Mort’s original timbres but taking the progression in our own direction.