Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian musician best known as the lead electronics performer in Nine Inch Nails’ live unit. His recordings under his own name have gained prominence in recent years and he has become known as one of the pre-eminent Buchla masters in North America. His latest solo album “Risveglio” on the Hospital Productions label is released this July. His previous album “sonno” was recorded in hotel rooms, using a Roland MC 202 through a delay pedal, recorded direct, sometimes into a small portable speaker system. The result is a beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive album that’s quite distinct from the overly academic approach so often undertaken by hardware-driven devotees. Currently, Cortini is also the frontman for the Los Angeles based electronic-alternative band SONOIO. He has also served on the staff of Musician’s Institute in LA and guest lectured at Berklee School of Music in Boston.