Amy X Neuburg

Amy X Neuburg (Oakland) is known for her unique “avant-cabaret” works for voice, electronics, and ensembles. She began her electronic music explorations in the ‘80s with vocal multi-tracks and modular synths, and then was one of the earliest artists to work creatively with live digital looping, which she combines with percussion and colorful lyrics. Solo highlights include Other Minds Bang on a Can, Berlin International Poetry Festival, Wellington and Christchurch jazz festivals (NZ), Warsaw Philharmonic. As composer, recent commissions include SF Chamber Orchestra, SF Girls Chorus, Paul Dresher Ensemble, Del Sol String Quartet, Risa Jaroslow Dancers. Awards include grants from Gerbode, Hewlett, Lef, and Arts International, and the Alpert/Ucross prize.

photo: Antonio De Sarno