EKG – the electroacoustic duo of Kyle Bruckmann (oboe/English horn, electronics) and Ernst Karel (currently analog electronics) – formed in the late 1990s out of Chicago’s crossdisciplinary experimental music community. They have worked long-distance since 2003, with Bruckmann in Oakland and Karel now in Cambridge. Five acclaimed recordings reveal elements of a consistent aesthetic: an intersection of plaintive acoustic counterpoint with the rich, unstable textures of analog synthesis; careful attention to potential energy, fragility, and nuance; and collaborative composition via intertwining strategies of improvisation, modular notation, and editing.

They have collaborated, individually and together, with artists from disparate sectors of contemporary music, art, and vilm. EKG’s music has been featured in video works premiered at Frankfurt Positionen and the Whitney Biennial. In 2007, they began a long-term exploration of notated repertoire with a radical rendition of Morton Feldman’s Oboe and Orchestra featuring Karel’s analog electronic realization of the orchestral score.

Kyle Bruckmann

Ernst Karel