Dan Good: Sound and Sound Art

Dan Good prefers working with boxes, rectangles, lines, and things simple enough to turn around in his head. He likes thinking about the interaction between sculptures and the words used to describe them. They can be arranged in sets, patterns, and organizations of permutations. They are designed to hold air currents, sound waves, and day dreams.

His works have shown at Mills College, at American Steel Studios, at the San Mateo County Fair, at the Music For People and Thingamajigs Festival, at the Bassbrunch concert series, and at Manifest Gallery.

He recently graduated from the Electronic Music and Recording Media MFA program at Mills College in Oakland, CA. Prior to enrolling at Mills College, Dan received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and SB and MEng degrees, also in Electrical Engineering, from MIT. He is much happier now that he is able to use his engineering training to build works of art.


Dan Good’s Artificial Lung