0th is a collective of four female artists, Jacqueline Gordon, Amanda Warner, Canner Mefe, and Caryl Kientz. Founded as an experimental musical group in San Francisco in 2006, 0th currently collaborate across the US creating installations and performances that utilize sound, light, sculpture, teleconferencing, performance, costume, robotics, electronics, and new media. By incorporating various mediums and techno culture artifacts 0th questions what a noise or movement can be in music and how that relates to a performative experience. In 2008 0th released their first full-length album, Tammy on Resipiscent Records and in 2009 when one member moved to NY, they began experimenting with videoconferencing to continue a composing and performing practice. 0th had their first solo sound/art installation at 21 Grand in Oakland in 2010 and later that year was in Art Forum’s top 10 list for their bi-coastal video performance, The Blow Up Universe. 0th has preformed in venues throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York and has shared bills with Laetitia Sonami, Weasel Walter and William Winant, Hans Grüsel’s Krankenkabinet, and a slew of other Bay Area figures.